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Selected projects

Every project is unique - here is a small selection of customer work which provides an insight into the variety of our projects.

> Cabling the NEAT Gotthard Tunnel using Jost machines
Customer segment: Installation of cables

The electrical cables and operating power lines are pulled into the NEAT Gotthard Tunnel (longest tunnel in the world) using Jost cable pull machines. A special intermediate chassis had to be manufactured for placing the cable pull machine on the multifunctional vehicle.

Challenge: Construction of a cable deflection to enable pulling the cables on both sides of the footing.

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> Anchor winches for a construction barge in Solothurn
Customer segment: Bridge construction

The demolition of the old Rösti-bridge in Solothurn was in part done from the River Aare. Four specially manufactured drum winches were used to anchor the construction barge.

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> Special winches for the construction of a suspension bridge in Bangkok
Customer segment: Bridge construction

Construction and delivery of two draw winches for drawing the stay ropes (cords) for the Rama 8 bridge in Bangkok. Features:  
  • Electrically driven winches 
  • Including a non-return device 
  • Pulling speed adjustable 
  • Easy operation with a tech pad 
  • Adapted, economic overall solution 
  • Practically service-free

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> Hoisting platform with 340 t bearing load
Customer segment: Shipping

Manufacturing, delivery and assembly of the hoisting gear (2x1700 kN) to lift ships out of water. Features:
  •  16-fold pulley technology
  • Lifting units run synchronously
  • "Simple", easy to service system
  • No environmental danger due to hydraulic oil
  • Low actuating power (less than 10 kW)
  • System running without disturbances since July 2000

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> Hoist for rostrums
Customer segment: Culture

Construction and delivery of a rostrum for 110 persons which can simply be pulled up to the ceiling after use. This enables, for example, use of the room as a cinema or a showroom. Features:
  • The room has different uses, reducing the costs per use
  • Fast adaptation from flat use to cinema seating
  • Easy to operate
  • Service-free
  • Low costs

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