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Cable coil trailers

We also manufacture suitable trailers for you for safe transport and easy handling of the cable coils.

> Cable coil trailer with up to 0.5 t load capacity
Cable coil trailer with 0.5 to 2.5 t load capacity
Cable coil trailer with 2.5 to 5 t load capacity

Transport trailer, 3500 kg

Trailer type: B35300/150

Total weight: 3500 kg (~7700 lbs)

Maximum permitted load: 2800 kg (~6200 lbs)

Inside dimensions: L: 305 cm (~120 in), W: 155 cm (~61 in), H: 20 cm (~8 in)

Outside dimensions: L: 460 cm (~180 in), W: 215 cm (~85 in), H: 255 cm (~100 in)

Loading height: approx. 54 cm (~21 in)

Trailer floor: plywood

Lashing points: flush with trailer floor

Side panels: steel

Frame: steel frame, welded, fully hot-dip galvanized

Electrical system: 13-pin, 12 V

Tires: 14 inch

Axle manufacturer: AL-KO or KNOTT

No. of axles: 2

Braking axle: yes

Jockey wheel as a standard: yes

Walkable steel fenders: yes

Area to place the shovel/bucket: yes

Tail support: yes

Drive-on ramps: yes - 200 cm (~80 in)