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What if the rope does break


Jost AG has explored these questions as part of their quality management efforts and studied rope breakage behavior across a number of experiments.

In these experiments, we were able to measure and confirm the results of the calculations in relation to acceleration, speed, and external forces.


Passive safety

Passive safety denotes all constructive action taken to prevent injury to operating staff and/or to minimize the risk of such injury.


Key passive safety features include a robust construction of the cable pull machine, good tie-down support, and appropriate safety mechanisms.


Rope breakage: degrees of severity and implications

What are the energetic effects in the event of a rope breakage?
How does the slack pull rope behave in such an event?

Is it possible to define a danger area for certain pulling directions?

What about the safety of persons within operating range of the machine?


We took account of all these topics when designing our machines, and integrated them appropriately.


You can learn more on the topic of safety during one of our training sessions.

Our machines are TÜV-certified