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Selected projects

Each project is unique
We have several years' development and construction experience, including the following areas: 
  • Earth return circuit for the rail industry  
  • Capstan winches for special applications and various requirements such as lifting units for ships, slip winches, special winches for the agricultural sector and drilling systems in tunnels for ceiling mounting supporting structures 
  • Special machines and devices for the food industry etc.

Your wishes are our challenges! Below a small selection of customised construction solutions for our customers: 

> desanding system for Malaysia
Customer segment: hydraulic steel structures

  • engineering consultancy during the project
  • custom-alignement of the existing concstruction

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> Drilling device in tunnels
Customer segment: Tunnel construction

Development and manufacturing of various drilling devices for the assembly of supporting structures in tunnels and on ceilings. Features: 
  • Automatic drill feed
  • Rotatable and tiltable unit
  • Multiaxial adjustment
  • Central extraction by suction
  • Centering the pattern of drilling

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> Hoisting platform with 340 t bearing load
Customer segment: Shipping

Manufacturing, delivery and assembly of the hoisting gear (2x1700 kN) to lift ships out of water. Features:
  • 16-fold pulley technology
  • Lifting units run synchronously
  • "Simple", easy to service system
  • No environmental danger due to hydraulic oil
  • Low actuating power (less than 10 kW)
  • System running without disturbances since July 2000

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> Hoist for rostrums
Customer segment: Culture

Construction and delivery of a rostrum for 110 persons which can simply be pulled up to the ceiling after use. This enables, for example, use of the room as a cinema or a showroom. Features:
  • The room has different uses, reducing the costs per use
  • Fast adaptation from flat use to cinema seating
  • Easy to operate
  • Service-free
  • Low costs 

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> Special winches for the construction of a suspension bridge in Bangkok
Customer segment: Bridge construction

Construction and delivery of two draw winches for drawing the stay ropes (cords) for the Rama 8 bridge in Bangkok. Features:  
  • Electrically driven winches 
  • Including a non-return device 
  • Pulling speed adjustable 
  • Easy operation with a tech pad 
  • Adapted, economic overall solution 
  • Practically service-free

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> Development of a new generation of cable pull machines
Customer segment: Cable laying technology

Construction of a new 3 t capstan pulling machine with a wide range of application. The newly developed machine provides the following advantages among others:
  • Winding various ropes onto reels 
  • Reels can be exchanged 
  • Reel can be separated from drive 
  • Automatic cable guidance and winding 
  • Drive using a petrol, diesel or electrical engine 
  • Smooth and stepless operation 
  • Pull possible via capstan or directly on reel

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> Construction of a compressor for a railway traction vehicle
Customer segment: Railway

Installation of a standard compressor from the company Atlas Copco in a chassis and integration in the straight crossfall of a vehicle from the TMR (Transport de Martigny et Régions). The system offers the following advantages:
  • Compact construction method, internal clearance gauge
  • Modern, high-performance screw compressor
  • Compressor with an integrated membrane dryer
  • Pre-finished solution
  • Service-friendly access

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> Installation of protective earthing in door systems for the Hong Kong underground
Customer segment: Closure technology

A new earthing system was developed in direct collaboration with the customer, guaranteeing the reliable earthing of railway platform doors.
The challenges to be mastered included:
  • Compact, low attrition and long-lasting solution 
  • Pre-finished and service-friendly 
  • Production costs
  • Extensive tests with load experiments (surge current experiments)

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